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An excerpt from an unpublished novel, Piñata de Amor: Page 39-44 (Published in 2017 in Mexico by Parroquia Press, a division of the San Miguel Literary Sala)


Year after year, visitors flock to San Miguel de Allende to explore the city's many delights. Now you can delve deeper into San Miguel's alluring Buena vida by reading this engaging anthology written by Mexicans and expats who have lived, worked, played or retired in San Miguel. The collected writings within this book recount the joy and confusion, marvels and surprises of living in this unique and extraordinary place.


88 pages (Published in 2012 in Singapore by Celestial, an imprint of Select Books Pte. Ltd.)


A family memoir about a son’s relationship with his father, lately Canadian and erstwhile Singaporean “literary pioneer” poet, novelist and playwright, Goh Poh Seng, who struggled with Parkinson’s disease during the last fifteen years of his life until his untimely death in 2010. Kagan Goh pays tribute to his father’s courage, his lust for life and his sheer will to survive against all odds. Goh Poh Seng, even in the face of death, was indeed a man drunk on the rage of being alive.


"Kagan Goh's intimate memoir avoids the merely sentimental and movingly speaks to us universally about human relationships which we recognize here - ambivalent love between son and father; love between husband and wife, a lifetime of love palpably captured in a moment of dance, despite the gritty reality of life's tribulations."


Koh Tai Ann

- Professor, Centre of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Nanyang Technological University


“Life After Love”, Pages 100 – 104, Strike the Wok: an Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction (Published in 2003 in Canada by TSAR Publications)


This new anthology brings together some of the most exciting works of fiction by contemporary Chinese Canadian writers.  Representing three generations of Chinese from a variety of backgrounds, including writers born in Canada as well as places outside, presenting a diversity of themes and styles, and set in various geographical locations and time periods, Strike the Wok is a truly kaleidoscopic look at Chinese life from modern Canadian perspectives.  Internationally renowned as well as newer voices are included.


“The Boy who Faked Kung Fu”, Pages 85 – 91, Henry Chow and Other Stories from the Asian Canadian Writer’s Workshop (Published in 2009 in Canada and Great Britain by Tradewinds Books)


Chosen by RICEPAPER magazine and the Asian-Canadian Writers' Workshop, these stories by emerging and established writers, such as Evelyn Lau and Governor General's Literary Award winner Paul Yee, will capture and entertain teen readers of all ages.


Southeast Asian Review of English, issue 50 -

“Defying the Hourglass”, “My Sweet Embraceable You”, “The Good Fight”, “Walking Amongst Ghosts”, “A Strong Front”, “Beeper”, Pages 152 – 165 (Published in 2012 in Singapore by the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University; and MACLALS: Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies in Malaysia) 


Poem entitled "Joy" featured in "Alive At The Centre: An Anthology of Poems from the Pacific Northwest", Ooligan Press, 2013.



Alive At The Center, the first volume in the Pacific Poetry Project, encapsulates the contemporary poetic environment of the Pacific Northwest region by featuring poems from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia.


Assembled and edited by three eminent poets in each city, Alive At The Center is not just a poetry compilation, it's a cultural conversation between urban centers whose unique perspectives share a common landscape. This anthology brings together more than 150 distinctive poems from writers who are separated by distance but united by region and art form.


The Pacific Poetry Project aims to be a continuous anthology. Each subsequent volume intends to explore different Northwest regions, granting each collection a singular harmony of voices and a fresh focus.


Kagan Goh, profiled author in Misfit Lit Magazine, issue 2.2 featuring "Life After Love", "Rehabilitation", "Joy" and "Cracked", 2014.


Essay "Zen and the Art of Manic Depression." Open Minds Quarterly, The Poetry and Literature of Mental Health Recovery, 2013.


“Emerge 2010” (Published in 2010 in Canada by The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University’s Writing and Publishing Program).


The poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in the 2010 Writers' Studio's emerge. presents a cross-section of West Coast Canadian voices.


Guest editor Joanne Arnott. who won the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award for The Wiles of Girlhood, writes that emerge is a 'kaleidoscopic inspection of human relationships...a palpable physical world...[of] moments captured like sparks of illumination.'


“Emerge 2012” (Published in 2012 in Canada by The Writer’s Studio, Simon Fraser University’s Writing and Publishing Program).


' this collection of outstanding writing from a set of fictionists, essayists and poets who've turned out some really incredible work, sharpened through interaction with their mentors and each other under the auspices of The Writers' Studio.'

Charles Demers

Who Let In The Sky?
Strike The Wok
Henry Chow and Other Stories
Alive At The Center
Misfit Lit Magazine
Open Minds Quarterly
Emerge 2010
Emerge 2012
Solamente en San Miguel
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